Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley
If you follow surfing then you know who Anastasia Ashley is. The amazing Anastasia Ashley. In my bid to introduce you to the most gorgeous athletes in our world. Anastasia Ashley A girl named “Anastasia” that resides in both southern California and Oahu. In the world of surfing, Anastasia Ashley is as big as it gets.

Anastasia AshleyAnastasia Ashley
Anastasia has been surfing since she was an old gal at the tender age of five. For Anastasia Ashley, age 6 was a turning point. It's when she first picked up surfing. This Surf girl is not only a great surfer but also a beautiful and successful model. She is the wildly successful surfer who parlayed her career on the waves into a modeling stint. Not only is she most likely more athletic than you, but she's just plain HOT, Professional surfer, and often dubbed one of the sexiest female athletes.

Anastasia AshleyAnastasia Ashley
Just in case if you are going to date her, Anastasia Ashley talks about riding waves, eating veggies and staying on her surf board.


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I see the sea is not stand it ... great. I wish I could be like you!
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